Skin Rejuvenation

Non-surgical cosmetic procedures – BOTOX®, JUVEDERM®, RESTYLANE®

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At Elite Day Spa, we want you to love the skin you’re in. We’re here to help you achieve that smooth, young, wrinkle free skin you’ve been dreaming about! Dr. Roșca’s expertise, artistry, and skill will have you looking flawless in no time!

The main purpose of the cosmetic procedures provided at Elite Day Spa is to restore, enhance, or correct certain areas of the face. The following materials listed below vary and have different effects and uses.


Most wrinkles appear due to repeated muscle contractions. Injections of BOTOX® will help disrupt the muscle contractions by essentially paralyzing the muscle. You may choose how much you would like to apply to the areas of your face to either completely freeze the contractions, or simply add some resistance. With the use of  BOTOX®, you can have your wrinkles disappear for about three months.


JUVEDERM® is a gel implant containing hyaluronic acid which is a viscous fluid carbohydrate that is already present in our bodies. JUVEDERM® is used for the treatment of facial wrinkles and folds. This substance is biocompatible, therefore it allows the body to naturally absorb it after about six to nine months.


RESTYLANE® is a clear liquid gel and a natural sugar compound. This hyaluronic acid product is used to reduce facial wrinkles that are particularly around the mouth and nose. RESTYLANE® treatments can last up to six months, or in some cases, even longer.